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WildStar Crafted Item Changes

In recent controversial news, Carbine announced that an upcoming patch will significantly nerf the ability for crafters to make gear that effectively supercedes almost all of the adventure, dungeon and even some of the raiding dropped gear. This was likely in response to the confusion surrounding “best in slot” lists that have begun circulating around for newer level 50s.

While I believe these changes place the gear progression into a more linear and common sense path; the vast majority of the community seems to be of mixed opinions on the changes. Some favor the less “RNG”  approach to itemization. Some crafters will spend hours crafting the same gear over and over in the hopes that they get extra rune slots or even the right combination of rune slots. The proposed changes would effectively eliminate the need to do so. The proposed breakdown was listed as follows;

  • Greens: 0-1
  • Blues: 2
  • Purples: 3
  • Legendary: 4-5
  • Artifact: 6

A rather interesting approach, emphasizing the importance of rune slots towards customizing your gear as opposed to crafting the gear initially with the stats you wanted outright (then further supplementing those stats with the rune slots you get).

Its all very interesting, and makes a lot of sense, except for the line introduced at the end. Its the only issue I take with this plan and I’ll go into greater depth why after the quote;

The bad news is, this actually nerfs quite a bit of items IF we go forward with it (it won’t actually affect your existing items; so if you have, say, a blue item with 4 Runes, congrats, your item is OP!).

These are major changes they are proposing. They fundamentally alter the entire series of progression players will go through to hit raiding tier. Yet the ramifications are far more reaching than anyone seems willing to acknowledge.

As it stands, itemization is so scattered to the wind and nonsensical (for example; try explaining to a player where to get the best in slot gear from. Good Luck!). The proposed changes grandfather in a class of player that is already far ahead. The devs even state “It should not be better than items a tier above it”. If this were true, then why leave the old items the way they are? The answer is they don’t wish to disrupt the current class of raiders and this in itself seems a small point to take issue with.

The problem becomes this; Raiders have already started unlocking what will remain the best in slot gear. Their need for this ‘brokenly powerful’ crafted gear has started to be minimized. One could even say that the vast majority will remain ahead because their overpowered gear is NOT being removed. Meanwhile, those players who are not at the cutting edge (who don’t have the crafted gear after the changes are implemented) are being dropped back almost a dozen steps behind the games current raiding base.

This effectively will cut off a large part of the community interested in end-game raiding from a playerbase stuck grinding out adventures and dungeons to increase their ability to effectively do raids.  Remember too, that the current raiding base got to skip out of the dungeon grinding. Sure they had to do them all at least once to get Silver status for their attunement, but few if any grinded them repeatedly for gear.  They basically were exempted from this grind due to the oversight in itemization.

These changes, while they affect categorically the subclass of players who have yet to hit 50, will also greatly impact the raider class as well. Natural attrition (loss of raiders due to burnout/etc.) in a raiding guild is commonplace, even in a game as new as WildStar. Raiders have a vested interest in ensuring the gear gap (and the ability to close that gap) are not impediments to replacing the attrition they are sure to suffer.

What it comes down to is this; The changes must be implemented. They must be implemented fairly. Allowing half of the game to effectively skip merrily ahead in the elder game while the rest of the player base drudges through painful dungeon grinding unfairly impacts portions of the playerbase and the not rest.

The solution is simple; All new and EXISTING crafted gear must be retroactively nerfed. Its the only way to implement a game changing approach to itemization that, to be honest, should have been done before launch. Every player should be placed at the same level, even if some have gotten ahead due to Carbines oversight. The gear gap should not be arbitrarily propped up by allowing one class of player to continue to abuse crafted gear itemization while others are seemingly punished for not getting to the elder game quicker.


4 thoughts on “WildStar Crafted Item Changes

  1. Enter balance patches:

    Some people had to do silvers and lots of world bosses for their attunement, newer players will only need bronze and a fewer number of world bosses.

    Some people only had to reroll crafted items until they got their BIS items, newer players will have to farm adventures.

    With time, these crafted BIS items will be disappear, if they outright nerf existing items a part of the playerbase might disappear too.

  2. Thanks for the comments, both of you! New visitors to the site, welcome! :)

    As for your comments:
    I fail to see the distinction between outright nerfing the stats on an item and/or nerfing the formulas of the stats that are present on the item. Both lead to the item being placed back in line with power curves and minimize the overpowered-ness of an item. One just slightly less offends you?

    Regardless the changes are happening and there’s likely little anyone can say to change their minds on the existing gear. They’ve lost too many subscribers lately and I have a feeling they are going to be cautious about any unpopular moves they make in regards to patches and nerfs.

  3. As a person that has invested relatively significant amounts into his present gear, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that changing my gear would annoy me greatly. I’m not a raid-level player yet, but I have placed significant amounts of capital towards getting desirable gear that is tailored to the stats that I use and actually got decent rune rolls. If that capital investment was taken away from me “because changes” I would be one of a legion of players writing nastygrams to Carbine.

    That being said, there is a better route. At present, the dominating stats of the game are the Assault/Support Power values, as they provide an additive bonus that scales equally (i.e. early points are just as good as later points) while Crit, Crit Sev, Deflect, Deflect Crit, Strikethrough, Armor… all of those scale in a logarithmic fashion (early points are good, but adding more and more results in smaller gains). If they were to alter the formulas such that these other stats became more viable my gear would no longer be “good” not because they nerfed my gear specifically but rather because they’ve altered the state of the game. Furthermore, it would also increase the viability of other types of gear (outside of “all the AP/SP stat, 3 of everything else”).

    Just my two cents.

  4. Really nice read and I agree that it is unfair to leave the items as they are right now. I can see why they wouldn’t do it tho, as crafting BiS items takes serious amount of work, plat and time. Nerfing items retroactively could cause a lot of people to just leave the game. I will get better next tier of PVE content which should be better then those items in question.

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