The WildStreet Journal: Issue 2

Last months post got some fantastic hits, so clearly making money in WildStar is of interest to some of you! I thought I’d follow up last months post with a few specific tips to increase your profit margins. People asked me how I make the money that I do and theres a few reasons why I won’t/can’t share that with you.

Money making in WildStar is limited right now. Population dwindling has decreased the rate of resources being posted to the CX market. My money making endeavors are based on the large-quantity, low-margin type transactions. Any meddling in my market can cause my profit to disappear quickly. I will however, go over my thought processes for you to help find your own angle. But first…

Increasing Your Profit by 5%

One of the lesser known secrets of making money in WildStar is that the capital cities for the Exiles and Dominions contains an upgrade that increases the vendors in that cities buying by a flat 5%. Something you could have sold to the vendor for 1gold will now sell for 1.05 gold. It may seem like a small increase and it is, yet if you overlook the potential on it you are missing the point. If you can find a niche CX product with high quantities being sold at vendor price (common) or even a vendor-expensive item on the AH selling for cost. A simple activation of this buff can net you some serious profit.

Spend a few hours buying everything off the AH, Activating the 5% buff, then selling to any of the vendors in Illium or Thayd… thats easy money (and A LOT of it).

The buff itself requires that you be a Settler. You can find the upgrade pad at these locations in Illum or Thayd.


Don’t have a settler? You can typically get a level 5 or 6 alt out to these cities pretty easily/quickly. All of the resources to perform the upgrades drop within the city limits. Creating an alt to activate the 5% buff isn’t something you should balk at! Serious platinum profits are on the line!

On a side note, a datamined version of a better buff called “Large Vendor Price Discount” exists. I’m offering a CREDD on the server/character of your choice if someone finds this and shares it with me. It needn’t be public, you are welcome to email me the details if you’ve found how to activate it.

The CREDD Market

There are certainly some misconceptions out there surrounding CREDD. Primarily around how investing in these can make you money. I’ve seen screenshots of players with 40-50 of these and I wonder what thought process they were going through when they bought them. Why?

The moment you buy a CREDD you lose 5% of its value as a cost to purchase it via the CREDD Merchant (Buy Now or Buy Order are the same). Even if you play the markets expertly, you still stand to lose out because guess what? Putting that CREDD up for auction (aka creating a Sell Order) ALSO costs you 5% of the sale price you list. Thats 10% of its value removed from the game (5% on each end). Stockpiling CREDD requires that the market scale up for you to begin making a profit (and the more the value goes up, the more the 5% fee comes off the top of your profit). Some quick Math for you;

I buy a CREDD at 5 Platinum (actual cost 5.25 Platinum).

I sell CREDD later on for 10 Platinum (actual profit 9.5 Platinum)

Total Transaction Cost: 75 gold.
Total Profit: 9.5p – 5.25p= 4.25 Platinum.

Not bad right? The cost of handling CREDD is less clean cut then this.

CREDD requires a large investment of Platinum to sit in a non-liquid form until the prices rise (or risk losing money on the 5% cuts).  Think of it as a sort of Stock Market (one that can be heavily manipulated….we can measure total inventory of CREDD in the dozens on most servers). Prices tend to rise near billing month end (the 2nd through 10th) due to players wanting to buy these before their subscription bill comes up. This is typically the best times to sell.

The 15th through 20th tend to be the best times to buy. As CREDD inventories stabilize over the month (less demand, more supply) the prices tend to hit lows around this point.  For stats like this I use mods. For specifics on your servers market I’d recommend installing mods like CREDD Broker which can help you track the fluctuations over the course of a month (if you insist on investing in them).

In my opinion, however, investing in the “CREDD Market” is not a prudent move at this point. With such incredibly low server inventories and the fact that players can easily manipulate the prices across server-lines (all CREDD are account bound, not character or server bound), you end up opening yourself up to a potential big loss (or forced to sit on your inventories another month till prices go back up).

All it takes is for one player sitting on 40 CREDD to dump his inventory in your market and your month long speculation goes poof (including all of your potential profits). Trust me when I say sitting on a mound of Platinum and buying CREDD as you need them (at the low points in the CREDD Market) is the smarter move!

A pro-tip for those of you seeking to reroll on a new server? Put some of your money in CREDD and you can transfer it over to your new character by selling it on the new server. I made a few alts and transferred 20 plat to my new guy in seconds. Nifty! (NOTE: you risk losing Plat due to market-differentials, check out your servers CREDD prices before you buy/sell).


That wraps up this months article on economy and money making in WildStar. I hope ya’ll are still having fun in this amazing game! Go make some money!

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