The WildStreet Journal: Issue 1

Seeing as how the most fun I’ve had with an economy in any MMO (including EVE!) is WildStar (maybe because of its simplicity?) it only feels right to start a regular monthly column on my antics within the game. I thought I’d share with you some research and theories I’ve confirmed within the game. A few areas of public knowledge (at least on my server Rowsdower) seem to be poorly understood by the population at large (or perhaps people just don’t care?). Regardless,  for those of you economically inclined I’ve lined up a few areas of importance I thought I’d underline and clear up;

The Commodities and Auction Houses are cross faction.

Thats right folks, you’ve been buying and selling with the enemy. Why did this misconception exist? Perhaps its the long standing background people have with World of Warcraft and how they segregate the factions? I don’t know. I do know this.

To verify my theory, I recorded the starting point both in price and quantity of a commonly purchased commodity, Tier 5 Ore aka Galactium Chunks. I swapped over to my alt ScroogeMcDuck and discovered a similar series of numbers for both price and quantity available. Coincidence? Perhaps. So early in the morning when the vast majority of the server was asleep I purchased a small percentage of the available market inventory as a test case.

Guess what? 953 ore remained at 18.15 silver. On both factions.

FeyaMcDuck Feya McDuck, Exile

ScroogeMcDuck Scrooge McDuck, Dominion

Pretty conclusive evidence in my eyes. It perhaps indicates that Carbine was concerned about the possibility of faction population imbalances. Instead of one side of the server being poorly stocked and easily manipulated they expanded the market to both factions. While this gives less overall quantitative markets for me personally to manipulate, it does allow for lesser populated factions to have a more stable and well stocked marketplace. Think of this as a sort of galactic welfare for the minority population on your server. Pretty smart eh?

UPDATE: I was challenged in the comments section about the Auction House not being linked. This was a simple check from my end. I have screenshots taken to prove they are in fact linked, just like the CX!

Feya.140719.112459 Feya McDucks listing on Exile Side

ScroogeMcDuck.140719.112619 Scrooge McDuck looking at the same posting from Dominion Side

Cancelling Sell or Buy Orders is Expensive!

Not sure if you knew this but cancelling a buy or sell order actually costs you money. I recently have been duking it out in the markets securing raw materials for my money making needs.  As someone outbids me on buy orders (they list a buy price 1cp to 10 silver more than my orders…another discussion entirely) I re-list my buy orders above them. Its been costing me money, but in the end I usually come out ahead. How much does it cost me? Well the price depends but its typically 2% or 5-silver, whichever is greater.

The moral of the story is to be careful when playing the markets, you can end up significantly impacting your profit margins by constantly re-listing to be on top or bottom depending on your angle.

PlacedOrder Placed Buy Order Cost: 32g 66s 4c

CancelledOrder Cancelled Buy Order Cost: 32g 2s

In this instance it costed about 64 silver to cancel this order and relist it (technically more because the relisting also costs near that much). Its a harsh lesson if you’ve been trying to sneak into a specific aspect of a market. Keep in mind too that the Commodities (CX for short) market is about bulk purchases. If you create a buy order for 1 item worth.. lets say 3 silver. Its costing you 8 silver to create that buy order for a 3 silver item. Remember that the minimum is 2% of the total purchase price OR 5 silver whichever is greater. If you are going to use the buy or sell orders, make sure it makes sense to do so. Sometimes the buy now price makes more sense when you take this into consideration. Buy or Sell now transactions do not incur a transaction fee (the buyer or seller incurred them for you)!

While this wraps up my July entry of the Nexus WildStreet Journal, I hope you’ve learned something today. Be careful what you list on the markets! Your enemy is watching (any maybe outbidding you!) 3;>

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5 thoughts on “The WildStreet Journal: Issue 1

  1. I’m not sure if the canceling of sell orders actually costs you anything. I remember testing both buy and sell. Buy certainly costs you that 2% but I remember no gold being taken for either listing or canceling a sell order. I will double check when I get home.

  2. This may be an interesting little article to read each month, good points on selling on the commodities exchange in bulk.

    There is only one problem I had with the entire article and that is your evidence towards the AH and the CX being cross faction, you make that claim yet then show that you only tried to prove it for the CX?. It seems like a pretty bad assumption to assume BOTH are just because you saw evidence that one may be. Curious if the devs can confirm though :).

    Besides that point that made you look silly, gj and I look forward to reading more :). Although, for that little bit of info, I wish it was weekly O_O a whole month for that amount of info seems rather long. gl in the future :).

    • It may be hard to come up with weekly content, but we’ll see. My time is limited for blogging mostly because I spend far too much time in game as it is.

      Its rather easy to verify the Auction House component, in fact you are correct that its a big assumption. I updated the post to verify that the Auction Houses are also linked.

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