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I started blogging (for the 20th time) last year during the NBI 2013 class. Prior to it, I had been active in other specific blogging networks (primarily WoW-based). I had seen articles and comments in the Elitist Jerks forum for years (before it became mainstream). In fact, I played on the same server as the guild and talked frequently with my healing counterparts often. Yet commenting and following along with a conversation wasn’t enough. I had my opinions and I didn’t feel that the confines of a forum were sufficient for my voice.

Pretty egotistical, but then, back in the earlier days of WoW raiding theorycrafting was essential for success. Less than 1% of players actually saw most of the content that I was doing so I was pretty certain my voice meant something. It didn’t. If you take away anything from this rambling session of writing dribble, know now that your opinion is just that an opinion. Nothing you say is likely to be held up to the light as the gospel of truth in the world.

Get over it now, trust me.

When WoW was over for me, I bumbled along to several different games. You can take a look at the list if you’d like to, but needless to say I’ve played more MMOs then you’d care to know about. Yet the same ego-problem cropped up when I first began this blog. I began to think I alone knew the answer and everyone else was delusional.

I most recently started writing in the hopes that I’d correct the perception & misconceptions surrounding Themepark and Sandbox debates. I’m a huge advocate of Sandbox systems. I wasn’t, however, seeing any developer acknowledging the problem with Themeparks. So this blog in essence sort of mirrors the evangelist efforts of Syncaine from Hardcore Casual in that respect. If your game has Sandbox elements, I’m likely going to be all in.

The NBI class of 2013 was a sort of wake up call for me. I wanted to be noticed, and the first thing I gravitated to was being an obnoxious cynic that made fun of people/games. I wanted to be hardcore and swear and be all serious about it. I just didn’t have the willpower to develop an alter-ego beyond who I already am. In real life I’m an absolute cynic and pessimist. Its contained, barely, by my always-on sense of realism. I know that people might gravitate towards a vocal asshole, but it would attract the wrong kind of people. The kind I’d never want to know in real life.

Instead, I took the path that felt right to me. Sure I’ll mix it up with another blogger if I disagree with them. I’ve done it with several other bloggers participating in the NBI; Belghast, Murf, Jewel… all of em. Yet I’ve done so with a semblance of civility. If I want to win an argument; debasing or mocking my opponents in the debate with ad hominem attacks felt like the wrong way to do so. I really can’t stand when they are used against me so I decided (more recently than I’d like to admit) I wouldn’t bother using them against others. & The Cynic Dialogues is about elevating my own level of discourse in topics that interest me. It doesn’t hurt that the people who are interesting are also the ones I mix it up with. In this the NBI has my utmost respect; It course corrected what could have been a huge mistake in how I approached this blog (and gaming in general). I am a better person and blogger because of the people I met and I want nothing more than to be more like them.

With that said, you will never find the following here; social commentary or public policy of any kind. I could care less about how the rape scene in Game of Thrones made you feel and I won’t share my thoughts on this site with you in turn. I won’t comment on how X game is sexist because the main character is a female and has big boobs. I realize this may be offensive to you as a person, but again, I’m here to comment on the games. I’ve had a few people reach out to me asking me to comment on these topics (they’ve been flying around the game-blog community lately) and my answer is simple; no.

If you want a 10 page treatise on why ArcheAge and EverQuest Next are likely to be revolutionary titles for the MMO industry…

Well. You are in the right place.

To the NBI Class of 2014 I’ll end with this; Don’t try to be someone you aren’t. Don’t sacrifice your personal integrity for hits or attentions. When in doubt about anything, don’t do it. Blog as the person you are with the personality you have. The rest, as they say, is history.

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  1. I’d go one further. Not only be yourself but just write about the stuff you dig and ignore what other sites are doing. Blogging is not a competition or a popularity contest. It is about honesty though.

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