My Disney Hiatus & Blaugust

So of course a major blogging event occurs and my family whisks me and my wife away to Disney World in swampy Orlando Florida. I had a lot of fun over our 10 day vacation, but I realized while out and about that I was missing out on a golden opportunity to help the blogging community.

Belghast on his second day attempted to list out all of the blog posts from those supporting the #blaugust community event. I found myself in a position to help, but with no computer to be able to properly explain. How utterly frustrated I was in Disney World that day! Even though I’m late to the game, hopefully some newer members of the community take this an invitation to get themselves signed up for my service and help locating their #blaugust posts a little easier!

Let me show you..


Through the magic of your blogs RSS feed, is able to keep track of your use of #hashtags within your blog. Instead of keeping track of #blagust with a spreadsheet and a prayer; let my little tool do the work for you!

If you want to get your blog posts for #blaugust to show up (even if you made that post at the start of the month) you still can! will backtrack up to 30 days and scan your posts for #hashtags in them. So heres how you do it;

  1. Before you sign up, go back and edit your posts with #hashtags you think are most indicative of the content in your blog article. For August posts you should also include a #blaugust hashtag (obviously!). only tracks the first 3 hashtags it finds so don’t go overboard!
  2. Use the “Sign Me Up!” button (top right corner) to register a new account at .
  3. Once your account is created, login and click on the “My Blogs” menu link. You’ll see something like this; 
    While my page shows my two blogs (one is new and has no posts yet!) and the recent posts by them, yours will be empty except for the “Add New Blog” button. Click it!
  4. The final step includes adding your blogs RSS feed to the site. Simply insert your blogs RSS feed address into this bar and select a genre most frequently associated with your blog (most likely gaming if you are reading this!).
  5. Keep Blogging! (make sure to remember to use #hashtags!)

The service is simple enough that once your site is registered, you don’t need to do anything else! Just keep blogging and using #hashtags (if you forget entirely you can go back and add them, but it won’t catch it if you later change the tags to something else!) As you’ve probably noticed I have quite a few people helping me launch/test this site out and so far the response has been fantastic! I have a lot of big changes coming in August/September that will really help you navigate the front page and make sense of all the data I’m collecting. I’m really excited to be able to help out bloggers.

I made this tool to help people find new blogs to talk and discuss and an event like #blaugust is right up my sites and mine alley. I look forward to discovering new blogs with you this month! Feel free to hit me up if you ever need help with the site or blogging in general!

Till next time!

~Mickey Scree.


7 thoughts on “My Disney Hiatus & Blaugust

  1. Twitter *isn’t* ignoring #10Years10Questions. It shows up as a legitimate tag, can be clicked on to bring up all posts with the tag, etc. Maybe they changed the rules recently? Anywho, I can’t/won’t change the tag because it’s not my tag; it’s AlternativeChat’s tag, so to show up in other search results linked to her event, I need to use her tag. I could add a 4th tag, but it won’t show up in anyhow.

    Welcome back, though! Glad you enjoyed Disney World. I haven’t been there myself, but it’s on my bucket list!

    • I will need to investigate more. That part of my system is a bit convoluted due to the complicated nature of if-thans surrounding it ;>

      Not sure why an integer at the beginning is causing an issue, but i’ll fix it!

      Its a great place, just don’t go during summer. 95 degrees with 80% humidity is terrible weather to stand in lines for hours.

  2. It was an intended rule carried over from Twitter and also to eliminate any numerical listings showing up as hashtags. I.E: #1, #2, #3, #4, etc.

    Any hashtag starting with a number is ignored as a result of this rule. Try #TenYearsTenQuestions instead?

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