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Scribed August 26, 2013 under The Cynic Dialogues

Sort of a weird post for me as it doesn’t particularly theorycraft anything about any game. I spent the last week sort of in a gaming daze, hopping from game to game, trying to find something to occupy my time. You know how when you set your sights on a new title far off in the horizon and nothing currently out there seems to hold your attention?

I most recently stopped playing EVE Online, (without notifying my corp either!), like I typically stop playing EVE from time to time. I can’t place my finger on why, even having socialized with the great group of guys over at Dirt Nap Squad. I just get this urge to stop playing EVE sometimes despite me usually enjoying the game.

This most recent urge to stop came at the unveiling (and build up to the unveiling) of EverQuest Next. As the reddit fervor grew around the game, it became very difficult for me to focus on playing the crop of “modern” mmos. Even one as good as EVE. I found myself unattracted to any of the current titles. I tried over the last week; Final Fantasy XIV, Firefall, Guild Wars 2, and World of Warplanes.

All of these games lasted me a grand total of an hour (I didn’t count downloading/patching time).

With the reveal of EverQuest Next now out in the internets and my hardcore fanboy status secured, I’ve discovered that the current crop of MMOs has changed very little since my EverQuest days over 15 years ago. Its depressing. I’m one of those consumers whose been duped year after year with little if any innovation to show for it.

If you look at the most recent success stories such as Guild Wars 2; its an impressive step for MMOs as a whole. You might not agree with the choices the developers made, nor even appreciate the game (or consider it a success), but it is. It started to challenge a lot of the accepted norms in the MMO genre. The mere existance of those challenges is what counts, not the final tally of whether or not they were succesful.

I suppose thats what has me dissapointed the most. TESO and Wildstar don’t look to be pushing any MMO boundaries. More intuitive/interactive combat perhaps in Wildstars case, but as a whole mostly cosmetic changes to the MMO market in this crop.

Ultimately my choices for playing a current MMO are sparse and non-existant. Whats a gamer like me to do while he waits for his revolution in EverQuest Next?

Blog, I guess ;>

Games I’ve Played Since EQN was revealed to Fill this Gap in my Gaming Soul;
EVE Online
World of Warplanes
Team Fortress 2
Red Orchestra 2
Final Fantasy XIV
Tribes Ascended

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