High Level WvW Overview of Potential Fixes

Scribed January 10, 2013 under The Cynic Dialogues

I have detailed posts written out for most of these bullet points, so If you would like to spend time reading my thoughts on them I’ve provided the links to the respective arguments for them. These bullet points were provided as means to an end, to make a more enjoyable experience in WvW for EVERYONE (I’m inserting the caps lock for emphasis for a reason).

I truly believe the success of Guild Wars 2 WvW game play is by ensuring a single player can join the fight and contribute meaningfully. Right now the best that one player can do is to try to gank other single players or hope to infiltrate behind enemy lines and kill a dolyak (maybe?). The only result of this lack of solo and small group play is the Zerg mentality and it really limits the amount of fun you can have as a player. This is not mentioning the fact that players will frequently create class builds that are only appropriate for zerg conflicts.

By changing the flow of WvW away from zerg game play, you introduce a breath of fresh air into a stagnant mass verse mass battle that WvW has devolved into. All of the strategies that have come from tPvP are unlikely to ever grace the WvW community because strategy means (next to) nothing, pure unadulterated numbers are everything.

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