Feya The Money Printer

Manipulating the CX market has been a fun little adventure of its own for me in WildStar. The Carbine devs have created an interesting game for sure, but their crafting system is absolutely gloryholed with flaws and oversights. Don’t mind me, however, as the complicated nature of the CX/AH has created a field day of profit opportunities. Stupid people list items below vendor value or don’t realize some items can be made below material costs. Great times for me as someone who picked up on this quickly. I’ve got enough to afford a full year of Credd at this point and I’m highly tempted to purchase them all right now. For some reason I really like seeing this ;>


If your curious, yes, I’ve already purchased 2 Credd at about 6 plat in cost. So yea, in theory I’d be around 70 plat ;> Quick math equates this booty to around $240 USD. Not bad.

The new zones are interesting, but mostly I’m fascinated by making money. Its something that carried over well from EVE for me (though this economy is woefully doomed and shortsighted compared to EVE’s).

Anyhow, thought I’d make a quick post in between my tradeskilling activities.

#wildstar #economy