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Manipulating the CX market has been a fun little adventure of its own for me in WildStar. The Carbine devs have created an interesting game for sure, but their crafting system is absolutely gloryholed with flaws and oversights. Don’t mind me, however, as the complicated nature of the CX/AH has created a field day of profit opportunities. Stupid people list items below vendor value or don’t realize some items can be made below material costs. Great times for me as someone who picked up on this quickly. I’ve got enough to afford a full year of Credd at this point and I’m highly tempted to purchase them all right now. For some reason I really like seeing this ;>


If your curious, yes, I’ve already purchased 2 Credd at about 6 plat in cost. So yea, in theory I’d be around 70 plat ;> Quick math equates this booty to around $240 USD. Not bad.

The new zones are interesting, but mostly I’m fascinated by making money. Its something that carried over well from EVE for me (though this economy is woefully doomed and shortsighted compared to EVE’s).

Anyhow, thought I’d make a quick post in between my tradeskilling activities.

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4 thoughts on “Feya The Money Printer

  1. Allowing a player to list items under vendor cost is poor user interface/user experience? That doesn’t make any sense. If you went onto ebay and tried to list something for less than what its worth it will let you and it should. Personally im not a fan of vendors buying player commodities like ore in the first place. It sets up an arbitrary baseline price on a part of the economy that is player driven. The commodity should naturally find its own level.

    As for the oversight/gap/logicslip that will only apply if 100% of the materials for that component are vendor bought.

    The carbine npcs are the fed reserve and so are the mobs. MMO’s have tons of faucets, if you finally came around to the argument that all money faucets in games are bad then I am glad to hear it. The one that you found utilizes other players through the AH which is better by far than most of the faucets that games have.

    I do agree that a major way to give the economy more teeth is to have durability that leads to destruction but that wasn’t any part of my argument.

  2. The unfortunate component to my money printing ways is that by revealing them you are right; others would do it and my profit would be eliminated. I can assure you, however, that what I’m doing was probably an oversight/gap/logicslip on Carbines behalf. I am combining X of a specific material and getting an item that vendors for more then the combined weight of the X resources. I am in fact, printing money. Carbines NPCs are essentially the federal reserve introducing vast amounts of cash into a market that is sure to inflate.

    You and I have argued a long time as to what an economy is in games; specifically EVE. In WildStar the economy almost entirely depends on players destroying their own gear (no items are destroyed through play without a players decision to destroy it). There is a theoretical point in which ALL WildStar players have attained the best items to be had (through raiding or whatever) and at that said time the economy ceases to function. Why would anyone buy anything else? They wouldn’t.

    Without a point of destruction, unwanted by the players, the economy relies on a few simple money sinks; Amp Respecs and Repairs. Neither of which is likely to exceed the players income from doing dailies.

    You also asked if WildStar should limit the ability for players to sell items for under my cost. That was not what I said; but yes. They shouldn’t, however, be able to list items under Vendor cost. Thats just stupidity and or poor UI/UX design.

    In the end I’d be happy to reveal my system, once its been corrected by Carbine. Until then, I’m going to capitalize on an impressive cash flow. One that, yes, will yield me my 80 plat mount speed upgrade before 99% of the playerbase. Yet… I don’t really see a reason to make that purchase. They’ve trivialized getting around their world by having so many teleports and Taxi-points.

  3. Interesting comments although it completely lacks any support for your claims. It seems like you blame the wildstar economy for the fact that you can make money in game. Should wildstar prevent you from auctioning stuff below vendor value?

    You also mention that you can make things for under cost. I assume that is by buying stuff from the AH. Once again should wildstar limit the freedom of players to the point where they are not allowed to sell items to you for under cost?.

    I guess you probably dont uderstand how economy works which is a shame. As you make your few plat, almost half of the advanced riding mount so grats on that, you are buying stuff off the AH and dumping it into one of their vendor sinks. This drives up the cost of the items you are buying. As more people pick up on this and buy stuff from players who believe that they are getting a good value for their goods the price will increase. Eventually the profit will shrink or completely disappear.

    The takeaway is this. You had fun so wildstar did what it is intended to do. Maybe this is the first time that you have ever made money in an MMO because you realized something before other people did, once again grats. Now take that skill and apply it to the real world.

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