Blogs are not Community: Nonsense.

Scribed January 31, 2014 under The Cynic Dialogues

Blogs are Not Community

Comically, while his post might have proven true, the comments Belghast received made me snicker a little. I got the feeling he was rather down on himself for whatever reason. Then that same community that, moments earlier, hadn’t existed; rallied around him and proved in short order how wrong he was. I do believe Belghast was more frustrated, like me, around how difficult it is to detect the community. Without comments, how does one know someones even reading your blog? On my own site, I’ve turned them off for fear of having to manage spam. After seeing the dozens of comments flood into his post, its made me rethink that (UPDATE: comments are on ;p).

I have a passion for communities and building them up. When I saw the NBI it gave me hope that maybe I could incorporate myself into its midst and come out motivated to continue blogging among my gaming peers. The NBI had a few flaws, namely many of the veterans and newbies received (or offered) little if any ongoing support past that month. Whose to blame them. Blogs are a largely selfish ordeal, designed to detail your personal views of whatever it is you blog about. Can a community exist in such a selfish pursuit? Clearly it can, but only if the community accepts you.

Honestly, my personal take away from the NBI was how poor the blogging communities tools were at sharing information between themselves. It makes me incredibly frustrated when I see how people announce a new post is up on their site. Twitter? Blog Rolls? The NBI did one amazing thing for me, it inspired me. It inspired me to try to find a way to improve all of our blogging livelihoods. I’ve been working on a tool with a few amazing community members Doone (X.P Chronicles) and Jewel (Healing The Masses) to design a new means of blog discovery. If successful, I believe it can help everyone to discover new blogs, and even form the communities that Belghast wants substantiated.

The premise of the site is simple, and you’re all welcome to catch an early glimpse of it in action. Just keep in mind its obviously an early alpha with only my limited design work managing it. If you are interested …

While Belghast was clearly mistaken in his view of a community of bloggers not existing, all is not roses and sunshine. Far too many of our blogger peers go unnoticed and not commented on. That’s a tragedy that is easy to remedy.

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