Battlefield 4: Tips for the New Player

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I’ve been aggressively playing Battlefield 4 and if you look back at my posts you an tell I was frustrated early on with the game. Heres some key tips for the new Battlefield 4 player that I found through trial and frustrating error.

Guns Matter, Attachments Too!

Probably the single most annoying thing to experience is running into a player who has a fully unlocked weapon. For a new player, this can be frustrating. Battlefield 4 unlocks weapons based on your contributions to a round of combat per class. If you play as an engineer, you open up engineer unlocks. Simultaneously, whatever weapon you are using is leveled up.

The issue becomes that the most popular style of map and play are frequently Large Conquest. To help you level up your weapons, specifically, this is the wrong type of game mode to play. Why? To be frank most of the combat in Conquest tends to be vehicular based combat. You won’t get gun unlocks by fighting as a jet or tank, nor will you get gun unlocks for blowing them up as an engineer with a rocket launcher (though you will unlock new rocket launchers).

Deathmatch is a fast and furious gameplay that many FPS players are familiar with. The benefit of deathmatch modes for newer players is respawn rates are fast, map sizes are tiny (compared to Large Conquest) and thus the ability to get frequent and repeated kills is greater. Gun unlocks are solely based on the number of kills you have with any ONE weapon.

If you want to unlock attachments that will make your weapons better and easier to use, play Deathmatch modes.


Attachments have a good and a bad side to most of them and its important to know which is which. Instead of verbatim copying what this guy said, I’m just going to link his excellent video.

Basically, attachments do specific things and the best thing is to select them based on your style of play and the type of gun you are using.


While your Kill to Death ratio might make you feel better about yourself, its irrelevant in Battlefield 4. I’ve seen many players top the score list, while maintainin a negative kill-to-death ratio (15 kills 30 deaths, etc). Score is based on your participation in a map. For those of you Call of Duty fans, this means your Kill-to-Death ratio is meaningless.

Capturing and securing objectives is the single fastest way to a great score. Shooting down helicopters or tanks provides points not only for the vehicle destruction, but any players who might have tried to respawn in them for better map positioning.

Also important is your classes role in the game. Engineers are responsible for taking out vehicles. Assault for the health of your squad (they can heal and “revive” you). Support provides the always important Ammunition you need to blow up opponents. Lastly the Recon role provides your team with much needed spotting tools (on normal mode anyways) which can help everyone find opponents faster.

Doing what your role is intended to do, provides a wealth of additional round points. Not only this, but a team thats working together will typically win the round providing even MORE points.

In conclusion;

Battlefield 4 is a very engaging first person shooter. While EA’s new titles (Titanfall for one) might shrink its player base a bit in the upcoming weeks and months, Battlefield 4 has shaped up to be one of the more challenging and awe inspiring combat landscape games I’ve ever played. The sheer scope of game play is impressive for this shooter. Hopefully this will help you perform just a little bit better on the battlefield soldier!

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