Battlefield 4: I Suck At This Game Really Really Badly.

 I spent the greater part of the last week tooling around in Battlefield 4. I think grand total I have about 8 hours of played time over the last week since launch, and I’ve yet to break even on the Kill:Death ratio. Sure lots of people don’t consider K:D as “everything”, and Battlefield 4 has plenty of opportunity to score advancement points and skill points without forcing you to murder people to get them.

My current obsession is mastering the Sniping/Recon role. I’m a huge fan of the “spotting” mechanic introduced in Bad Company 2, whereby a player sees an opponent (through a sniper scope!) and “marks” a player with a red-orange triangle. Since all opponents don’t have convenient markers above their head naturally, a marked opponent makes it easy for friendly players (or players in vehicles) to assist you in killing them. Spotting is one of my favorite introductions to the FPS role as a whole and Battlefield absolutely gets credit for it.

Spotting becomes more important when you consider players are flying planes or drones overhead and they have a difficult time seeing smallish humans running around from thousands of feet in the air above them. Have a particularly annoying tank pinning you down? Mark it and air support might come to blow it up for you. Pretty neat mechanics all-in-all and I’m glad it returns in Battlefield 4.

Back to my recon role, and the reason I dig it so much; Spotting is even easier when you have an infrared binocular tool. Now I don’t have to try to pick you out against trees or camouflage. Instead I can just swap over to this tool, mark a bunch of opponents and then swap back to my sniper rifle to try to pick them off. Nifty. I also just unlocked a throw-able grenade which detects motion and marks opponents in range automatically for me. Talk about easy points.

Battlefield 4 certainly has its challenges on launch. I’ve had my PC lock up multiple times loading maps, and it’s incredibly frustrating. Yet the goods far outweigh the negatives at this point. I’m in love with their web launching tool which makes it easy to change weapon load outs/customizations, find servers, talk to friends, or even load up a “BattleMap” which I can full screen on my 2nd monitor and use while playing full screen on the first.

My initial review of Battlefield 4 is it’s mostly the same as BF3, yet it improves on it in small but noticeable ways. I enjoyed BF3 for quite a long time, though I never played it “hardcore” like some (I think my highest rank achieved was 39 or something). I’ve seen players running at level 100 already, though my time of being a hardcore FPS player are long behind me and that makes me sad.

If you need a fun FPS to mess with during the in-law holiday season we have coming up, I can’t recommend a game more then Battlefield 4. Even if you suck as bad as I do…