A Brief Encounter with Final Fantasy XIV Reborn.

Scribed August 20, 2013 under The Cynic Dialogues

By brief I mean… 10 minutes.

First three minutes I spent after downloading the game was attempting to make a character. No surprise here, its still in beta afterall, but I was unable to make one on the server my old guildmates were on. So fine, I’ll choose the only server thats lit up. “Error”. Awesome.

I read up on the specific error for a few minutes and discover that logging out and logging back in would fix my problem. It did (Not counting search time here).

Now let me take a quick step back. I am not the target audience for this game. I figured i’d give it a shot because well… I knew some people playing it. Prior to this I have an irrational hatred of the Final Fantasy series (for starters, theres nothing god damn final about it).

When I finally got past the character creator (it was a mediocre creation process, not too awesome but not lacking options either), I finally got to get into the action.

Oh wait, 6 minutes of unskippable videos, cutscenes and annoying click-fest conversations to start my game off with. Nothing like forcing your playerbase to participate in your shitty lore (seriously who reads this stuff anymore?). By the time I had clicked and attempted to “escape” from the conversational nonsense, I found myself jumping around in a mediocre looking environment. I pumped up the graphics settings but quickly found myself bored.

The cutscene-intro-hell had drained all of my willpower to play their game.

And so ended my brief foray into Final Fantasy (the last foray being a brief stint on the original GameBoy version). Good riddance.

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