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Scribed October 2, 2013 under The Cynic Dialogues

Yea… September was a rough month for me. Work, real life, it all caught up to my efforts. Most surprising to me was my initiative for this site came from a lack of games to play. I restarted Scree.org for the 111000th time because of the EverQuest Next announcement. It got me excited and my blog was my path to sharing that excitement.

Fast forward to today and I’ve had some exciting things happen to me. For one, I found myself checking my incoming links and found a fantastic discussion on some random Elder Scrolls forum. Three-four people were discussing the “Subscription” versus “Free to Play” and had linked a few of my articles, each citing them as evidence of opposite points. It was really encouraging (exciting, exhilarating, shocking?) to see a community I hadn’t even targeted (until very recently) using my posts as source material for their discussion.

On top of that I signed up for this new Newbie Blogger Initiative. Its a pretty cool idea that has a lot of the same gaming blogs I’ve used as inspiration for my own site coming together to help promote and inspire a new generation of bloggers (like myself!). I intend to be a very active contributor, but as you can see not a whole lot going on here.

I spent the last month desperately searching for a game to play. I spent a few days in EverQuest 2, but quickly grew bored. I downloaded some old school FPS’s like Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source and continue to spin around in those games providing cannon fodder for others. I even bought a game, Metro Last Light, and spent a few days beating that title. While entertaining, its appeal was short lived. Hence, why I’m finally finding time to post again.

I’ve been obsessed lately with improving this site with neat little coding widgets and SEO optimization and generating a whole breed of followers. Then I realized I had chosen specifically to NOT allow commentators on my posts (except via Reddit). Its an interesting conundrum that has also left me without a Blogroll (and because of the NBI I now have people who want to add me/and me them). So while a complete redo of the site isn’t quite in order, I do need to figure something out here….

And that’s when an idea struck me. One of those … one in a million type ideas. The trouble is, its a time consuming project that will likely leave me with little time to work on THIS project. Again… a conundrum. So the 3 or so rough drafts I have sitting semi-complete aren’t calling to me to finish them. Instead I’ll do a brief summary here;

EverQuest: Next
David Georgeson and Co. posted a feedback video of their “Contested Content? Yay or Nay?” ‘question’.

Comically they spent an incredible amount of time backtracking what exactly they meant by the question. I laugh mostly because my own post about was hyper-critical of the nonsense surrounding their vaguely worded questions. Clearly the EQN community was equally baffled by the question because they spent most of the time debating PvP and its implications; something the developers were NOT asking about (in retrospect).

They then cited specific numbers, a ‘plurality’, existed supporting a mix. Yet, quite clearly most of the poll-voters had no clue as to what they were effectively voting for. While I typically would love to support the developers in their round table efforts, they seriously need to step up the quality of the questions they are asking. I get the feeling they are afraid to ask certain questions…

As it stands we are now in October, one of three months remaining in the year that will supposedly contain the release of EverQuest Next: Landmark. You’d think with a launch like this around the corner we’d be in a beta or something, yet, Landmark is a beta of sorts. Much of the systems going into EQN will be tested first in Landmark. Systems like… drum roll… combat. Yes, Dave Georgeson leaked during a tweet that Landmark might be slightly more interesting then I had anticipated. Something worth looking forward for us all….

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