Designing a Guild Part 1: The Reasons Why

This is the beginning of a series of blog posts documenting my journey through guild inception and design for participation in a massively multiplayer online game named Crowfall. As this game is not yet released, this journey is slightly different in that I have several months to plan out my approach to creating this guild, though I do not expect it to take quite that long. I hope you enjoy the series!

I’ve taken to calling myself and MMO Evangelist in recent months. I looked back over 20 years of MMO’s that I’ve played; the memories that I’ve gathered and the people that I’ve met. All of it has meant a tremendous amount to me. Of all my memories, in all of my years playing MMO’s, the organizations that I tackled the games with are what I most fondly remember. Much of the time, games took to calling these communities guilds. Recently, even that term has been supplanted by newer ones; clans, multi-gaming organizations, corporations, squads, families and others.  Whatever it is that you call them, the important thing is that in many cases these groups of players coming together end up being more than just a gaming group. Continue reading Design Update

I took to updating the look and feel of my site. My previous effort was a self-designed from scratch blog theme for WordPress. As my time has been drained by multiple side projects ( being the primary such sideproject), I decided to incorporate a more flushed out design for people seeking additional content from my archives (a few requests here and there!). Let me know what you think ;)

Crowfall Pledge


Yup I did it. You can back it too … here.

When they announced they were putting more early bird specials out, that sealed the deal for me. This game really feels like a well thought out successor to Shadowbane. It addresses its shortcomings enough to satisfy my concerns. It seems indeed worthy of an investment of time and money.

I’ve already started planning out my guild I’m going to start up for the game. Looking forward to a long fruitful history with this title.crowfallpledge

Crowfall, Guild Wars 2, Shadowbane. Why PVP Works.

I have just had two of my Wisdom teeth pulled out and I can honestly say that the followup pain was excruciating. On top of, I’ve had absolutely zero caffeine in 3 days and my migraine withdrawals are killing me. So color me surprised when not only did Crowfall launch its own “kickstarter”, but it seemed the farthest thing from what it needed. The game was announced mostly with a lack of information and subtle hints of more to come. Standard fare for game reveals these days. They indicated what they “wanted” to do. They even spelled out a convincing history of game development history that impressed me, including Shadowbane (oddly this title was left out of Wilhelms review of the development team). Continue reading Game Streaming Without the Hassle

I’m going to credit my introduction to this over to ‘Laughter’ of Laughter Plays. I was trolling around the blogosphere looking for new blogs to track with my project and stopped to read a few of the blogs as I went along clicking blog roll after blog roll.

Eventually I came across her blog and read up on Forge and even stopped to view a few of her videos. Their page that lets you scroll through recent streamed sessions is impressive and visually engaging. I thought, because of this experience, that I’d give the application a try and share my experiences with the larger gaming community.

forge-livefeed Continue reading

David Georgeson Was Just Let Go.

Not sure what I can say about this recent development except it deserved a note on my own blog. While I despised the Landmark project because make believe dollhouse building is not in my wheelhouse of “fun games to play”, I can respect the man who was so passionate about it. Everytime I watched him introduce Landmark or EQ Next I saw a man who was finally able to craft a title that he himself believed so fervently in. It was awe inspiring to see the commitment from him, especially his fondness for social media and using it unlike any developer I’ve ever seen. Continue reading

To Replace Massively Or Not?

So one of the nifty things about creating a tool like is that I get to see emerging trends very quickly amongst the bloggers that I have always considered a community. One of the topics that has had a massive amount of community commentary is also one that hasn’t gone away. One of the positive things about the recent sad news about Massively going away is the rallying of the community around the writers who contributed to it. While I initially wrote a supportive statement about the whole event, I’ve begun to consider where we are at without it.

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Massively Shut Down & The Bigger Picture

My best wishes to the staff of Massively, particularly Syp. He was one of the few writers on that site I respected, mostly because he linked blogs posts as news articles. Publicity for the “small guys” is something I can get behind.

Part of the decision to shut down Massively was probably financial. I doubt any blogging site was bringing in big bucks. I don’t know how they were structured, or how the compensation plans worked, or really anything about it. There are far more knowledgeable people out there on the subject who will likely state that the writing was on the wall for sites like Massively. Continue reading

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Expansion Explored

The Ancient Gaming Noob posted up a roundup of Guild Wars 2 related blog posts surrounding the announcement of the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. Part of the issues surrounding the expansion has been a state of denial among the developers. Since launch they have denied the planning or development on an expansion for the title. Why? Because a “living world” should have the game evolve as it ages right? Not quite.

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