The WildStreet Journal: Issue 2

Scribed on July 30, 2014 by Scree.

Last months post got some fantastic hits, so clearly making money in WildStar is of interest to some of you! I thought I’d follow up last months post with a few specific tips to increase your profit margins. People asked me how I make the money that I do and theres a few reasons why I won’t/can’t share that with you.
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The WildStar Tumbleweed Dilemma

Scribed on July 27, 2014 by Scree.

I logged in last night and was a little concerned. Anecdotal evidence of 10 servers at low population on a saturday night would make anyone worried. Yet, there I was at the busiest spot in Thayd and only a mere handful of players were running around me. This is a stark contrast from a month ago when dozens if not hundreds could be seen running through the city conducting business. Does WildStar have a tumbleweed problem? Read More »

WildStar Crafted Item Changes

Scribed on July 25, 2014 by Scree.

In recent controversial news, Carbine announced that an upcoming patch will significantly nerf the ability for crafters to make gear that effectively supercedes almost all of the adventure, dungeon and even some of the raiding dropped gear. This was likely in response to the confusion surrounding “best in slot” lists that have begun circulating around for newer level 50s. Read More »

The WildStreet Journal: Issue 1

Scribed on July 19, 2014 by Scree.

Seeing as how the most fun I’ve had with an economy in any MMO (including EVE!) is WildStar (maybe because of its simplicity?) it only feels right to start a regular monthly column on my antics within the game. I thought I’d share with you some research and theories I’ve confirmed within the game. A few areas of public knowledge (at least on my server Rowsdower) seem to be poorly understood by the population at large (or perhaps people just don’t care?). Regardless,  for those of you economically inclined I’ve lined up a few areas of importance I thought I’d underline and clear up; Read More »

Connection Issues in WildStar

Scribed on July 16, 2014 by Scree.

Been getting disconnected lately or suffering from extreme lag? You can thank this guy; @itzchF on twitter for the recent issues.

Looks like Carbine is aware of it, but its impacting Guild Wars 2 servers as well (since they probably use the same network backbone!).

Internet douchery at its finest.


The Hacking of WildStar

Scribed on July 9, 2014 by Scree.

So this is one of those more embarrasing posts to make public, but if it serves as a PSA for anyone else I hope it can help others.

Yesterday my account was hacked.

I was cooking dinner and letting Feya craft a bunch of things to print more money for my account. I came back and had a “you were logged off because of another client logging into this account”. I’m use to seeing “Network Connection” gray-screens and I chalked this up to just being a glitch with that system. I logged into Feya and everything seemed fine. Still, I was concerned and put a 2-form-authenticator back on my account. Read More »

Feya The Money Printer

Scribed on July 3, 2014 by Scree.

Manipulating the CX market has been a fun little adventure of its own for me in WildStar. The Carbine devs have created an interesting game for sure, but their crafting system is absolutely gloryholed with flaws and oversights. Don’t mind me, however, as the complicated nature of the CX/AH has created a field day of profit opportunities. Stupid people list items below vendor value or don’t realize some items can be made below material costs. Great times for me as someone who picked up on this quickly. I’ve got enough to afford a full year of Credd at this point and I’m highly tempted to purchase them all right now. For some reason I really like seeing this ;> Read More »

Healing in WildStar: Level 50 and Beyond

Scribed on June 25, 2014 by Scree.

I have gotta say that this last month has renewed my hope in MMO’s I hadn’t thought possible. WildStar isn’t a revolutionary title by any means. Its managed to copy just about every major system that World of Warcraft has, put its own spin on them, and somehow come out looking like a fresh take on the modern MMO.

My concern leading up to this point was that the post 50 content wouldn’t live up to the challenging hype. Thankfully last night I managed to finally have the stars align and found some time to run an Adventure. Read More »

WildStar: Level 50? Check!

Scribed on June 19, 2014 by Scree.

So I spent the last few weeks somewhat addicted to this fascinating title, WildStar. It reminds me initially of the launch of many of World of Warcraft’s own expansion launches. I say this, because the launch was relatively smooth and issue free. Sure, if I had moved off the server Pergo right away, I’d of been level 50 probably a week ago. Still, Rowsdower and the leveling experience after the queue debacle has been a very enjoyable trip. Read More »

The WildStar Raid-Attunement Debate

Scribed on June 10, 2014 by Scree.

I’ve been following the tweets and comments surrounding Syl’s post about Raiding Attunements in WildStar and it comically shaped up to be exactly what I feared. The problem with her argument surrounds her earlier attitudes towards raid attunements in WoW which can best be summarized by this quote;

Attunements, you gave our guild a direction. You made us teamwork and plan. You gave us time. And long stories with epic moments. The excitement to get there – and everyone could get there in due time if they really cared to.

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