The Inverse Relationship in MMOs: Leveling Curves and Subscription Duration

Scribed April 16, 2014 under The Cynic Dialogues.

Is being forced to work harder for levels a catalyst for a greater, longer-lasting, community? The Elder Scrolls Online was at best a dubious impulse-driven purchases. It’s one of those impulses I have a history of showing that I cannot control nor stop. Any MMO or any game at all that has a history with me in some form, is a game I’m likely to spend money on and play. ESO was no different and I find myself one of those braying donkeys being led (happily) around by a rope. Not to say there’s anything wrong with the approach ESO has gone down, but I can already see the whispers on Reddit and some other select social locations. These whispers, insidious even now, are from…

A Partial Reveal of

Scribed April 11, 2014 under The Cynic Dialogues.

I’ve been hesitant to release any information about my blogging project for so many reasons. One, the startup industry as a whole is pretty cutthroat and intimidating to jump into. I don’t necessarily consider this a startup, but as it runs parallel to the whole new tech scene I’ve been reading a lot about them and I’ve been very cautious. Today my goal with this post is to kind of set the groundwork for why I’ve been working on it as well as to introduce the site a bit. One important note is that the site is entirely closed off at the moment as I conduct a private beta. So if you’re reading this and want into it… drop me a line What is…

H1Z1: SoEs on a roll!

Scribed April 10, 2014 under The Cynic Dialogues.

Look, the zombie genre is overwhelmingly saturated right now. Theirs zombie-everything out there. Despite this, SOE’s announcement last night of H1z1, a Zombie-Sandbox world isn’t a bad thing. For one, there aren’t any MMOs in the genre yet. All of the titles to date are more Counter-Strike less EverQuest. So one has to concede that this is a new approach. Couple this with the fact that H1Z1 is going to be entirely Free-To-Play (with Microtransactions of course), and its entirely possible SOE has something good here. As a few tweets and comments rolled out, many were excited by the possibility of Landmark w/ Zombies. While I don’t doubt this is the goal for SOE, they didn’t really showcase any of the construction/crafting/building gameplay so its…

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Elder Scrolls Online: The Shame of Liking a Themepark

Scribed April 8, 2014 under The Cynic Dialogues.

I’ve long touted the preferred MMO for me would be a Sandbox Fantasy MMO. The last such one played would have been Shadowbane (although Darkfall continually looks interesting…just not interesting enough to play). Its difficult for me then, especially considering my earlier opinions on TESO, to discover that I’m enjoying the game immensely. Community forming systems are basically nonexistent; in fact one could say they went a similar route to World of Warcraft and made community optional for players. What I mean by that is they instituted a series of systems that run contrary to the formation of a community. Heres some of those items; Thus far, (up to level 15) I’ve been able to complete most quests on my own. They do not force…

Elder Scrolls Online & My Launch Day Addiction

Scribed April 3, 2014 under The Cynic Dialogues.

I’ve played so many MMOs over the last two decades that I have a habitually appearing issue with letting a major AAA MMO launch without being a part of it. Part of me loves the rush of getting to max level and doing whatever it is to do at the end. Competition frequently drives MMO leveling for more than just myself. How many people do you know will spend day and night in X MMO just attempting to get to the end. They rush. They take off of work. For what? In most games the end-game is raiding, and not matter how fast you get yourself to the max level… you still end up waiting around for the rest of your guild to get there….

The Cynics Most Influential Games

Scribed March 27, 2014 under The Cynic Dialogues.

Pretty easy post, and I’ve been absent from blogging lately due to a renewed focus on coding my pet project for all of you fellow bloggers out there (more on this sooooooon!). I saw a few lists popping up and this is relatively easy for me. Relatively as it turns out, took me a few hours to go back in my mind. Most Influential Games (in chronological order) My first games were on Atari 2600, but I don’t really consider them due to my age at the time. Shining Force I & II (Sega Genesis) Sort of kickstarted my whole RPG fix at a young age. I remember bitterly looking at the SNES for all of the RPGs it had that I couldn’t play, and…

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Ramblings of a Cynic

Scribed March 15, 2014 under The Cynic Dialogues.

I don’t normally do personal commentary type posts, but as I’ve started to take this whole blogging thing a lot more seriously than before I figured what the hell. Lately I’ve been expanding my blogging posts beyond my originally themed idea for this site. Instead of focusing entirely on MMO design and theorycrafting I’ve found myself drifting to other topics like single player games and even recently tabletop games. I suppose the only reason for this is the fact that I have yet to find a new MMO home. Part of me wonders why this is the case and I’m hesitant to admit to it, but recent blog posts by the MMO-community have made me revisit certain topics. I began to wonder if my current…

A Review of Android: Netrunner After My Very First Game

Scribed March 13, 2014 under The Cynic Dialogues.

Lets start this post off by mentioning that when writing this commentary, I was forced into breaking it up into two parts. The first one (this one) is a quick overview of Android: Netrunner and my general thoughts on it. The second one, launching shortly after this one, details why I think this game could have a big impact on PC CCG’s like Hearthstone. Enjoy… Having played Collectible Card Games for over 10 years, I’ve always had a place in my heart for CCG’s. Within the last year even I had re-tackled Magic the Gathering, this time online, and played it for about 4 months. Prior to that, however, I had been keeping my hands off for reasons too numerous to list them all. Basically…

Gaming Bloggers Unite.

Scribed March 7, 2014 under The Cynic Dialogues.

Putting up an advertisement for the Newbie Blogger Initiatives own Steam community group. If you’d like to chat up your favorite blogging peers, hit up anyone in the group for an invite or just join it! ATTENTION all Gaming Bloggers! Please join us on #Steam! You may now resume your blogging duties. — Scree (@TheScree) March 8, 2014    

Elder Scrolls Online Controversies: A Response

Scribed March 5, 2014 under The Cynic Dialogues.

So @belghast had a recent blog/rant he posted up about the criticisms leveled at The Elder Scrolls Online. To a neutral outsider (someone not for or against the title) it was clearly aimed at bloggers and twitterers who’ve spent some time recently lambasting the title. @belghast took the time to refute specific claims that he felt these individuals weren’t being objective over. The problem is, the concerns he is addressing aren’t even really the root of the issues many people are having. I’ve engaged in this discussion with one of my long time gamer buddies who also happens to now be my brother-in-law. We spent several hours debating the merits of the Elder Scrolls Online and I feel some of the finer points of this…

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